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Charleston Sheriff’s Dept. Helicopters Make an Unscheduled Stop in Lexington County


Contributing Writer, Gerald Head  Lexington County, SC – Friday at 12:30 pm, two Charleston County Sheriff’s Dept. helicopters made an unscheduled landing in the parking lot of Old Lexington Baptist Church. According to Lake Murray resident, Ann Head. “I was doing yard work when I heard the sound of low flying aircraft. I then watched as two helicopters passed over ... Read More »

Fight on Sunday beer, wine sales low-key in Lexington County

Voters in Lexington will decide whether or not grocery stores will be able to sell beer and wine on Sundays.



The campaign to allow sales of six-packs of beer and bottles of wine on Sundays in Lexington County largely is being waged in grocery aisles and pulpits. It’s a battle pitting convenience stores and supermarkets against ministers as the Nov. 4 countywide referendum on ending a ban on such purchases approaches. The push for change comes from merchants who argue ... Read More »

Lake Murray Senior October 2014 Tournament Results


Lake Murray Senior October 2014 Tournament Results Cushman and McClintic Win Windy Seniors Tournament By David Larrabee, Contributing Writer I had gotten into the habit of telling my wife about all the bad drivers I would encounter anytime I left the sanctuary of my home. But because that would happen on a regular basis, I told her that I would ... Read More »

Hunting News From SC DNR


Venison is not only source of toxoplasmosis parasite Toxoplasmosis, a one-celled parasite found in many meats, can occur in South Carolina deer, but venison is not the only source of the disease, says a state Department of Natural Resources deer biologist. “Many people concerned about eating venison, or deer meat, have called the department asking about the likelihood of exposure ... Read More »

State Museum hosts F-35 flight simulator


COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) – The South Carolina State Museum received a visitor overnight that gives folks an inside look at how it feels to fly a fighter jet. The F-35 plays a major role in our country’s national security. The F-35 cockpit demonstrator simulates the aircraft’s advanced technologies and combat capabilities. People can get in and experience what it’s like to fly ... Read More »

The NTSB says that the pilot of the amphibian plane tried to make a landing on the lake when something went wrong with the planes gear.

Raising the plane

Lexington, SC (WLTX) – It’s not every day that you hear about a plane making a crash landing in a lake. Four months ago, a man trying to land his amphibious planes near the Gilbert side of Lake Murray when he crashed. The pilot survived and Wednesday two Midlands divers recovered the plane. “We do a lot of searching in ... Read More »

Community Builder: Carolina Wildlife volunteer is wild about possums

Carolina Wildlife Care pic

COLUMBIA, SC For 25 years, the Carolina Wildlife Center has worked to help injured and orphaned animals and preserve wildlife in the Midlands. For the last six years, one of the center’s volunteers has been instrumental in helping Carolina Wildlife accomplish its mission. To say Cathy Larson is dedicated to wildlife would be an understatement. “I’ve always loved animals,” Larson ... Read More »

Sunken plane recovered from watery depths of Lake Murray

sunken plane

      LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) – An amphibious plane that crashed in Lake Murray back in April was recovered from the watery depths of the lake on Wednesday. Dive shop owner and salvage diver John Baker and Stephen Franklin discovered the plane recently using sonar. The plane crashed during a water landing and sunk in over 120 feet ... Read More »

SCDNR conducting survey of illegal buoys


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – The state Department of Natural Resources is beginning a statewide survey to identify illegal buoys in South Carolina’s waterways. The department announced that the effort, beginning Wednesday, is the result of an increasing number of illegal “No Wake” buoys which have been placed in lakes, rivers and coastal waterways. Under state law, no municipality or private ... Read More »